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How to Change the Fuel Pump on a 1993 Chevrolet Pickup


The 1993 Chevrolet pickup utilizes a fuel pump and fuel level sending unit combination located within the fuel tank. It is not encapsulated in a module–it is an open unit that affords the ability to replace either unit independently. It uses a fuel strainer (filter) on the inlet side of the fuel pump. Low fuel or a dirty fuel strainer are major causes for fuel pump failure.

Tools Used: Tools, Floor jack, Jack stands, Ratchet, Set of sockets, Common screwdriver, Voltmeter/Ohmmeter, 6-foot length of 5/16-inch fuel line, Schrader valve extractor, Jumper wire with a spade terminal on both ends

Change the Fuel Pump

Raise the rear of the truck using the floor jack. Support it using the jack stands for safety. Place the jack stands under the frame so as not to interfere with the removal process.

Drain the fuel tank into a fuel container if it is over half full. Jump the fuel pump relay by placing a jumper wire in the battery positive terminal of the relay and the other end of the jumper in the fuel pump terminal. The pump will run continuously until the jumper is removed. Remove the cap on the fuel rail Schrader valve. This looks like an air valve on a tire, but is located under the hood and on the top of the fuel injector metal supply line. Use the valve stem retractor and remove the Schrader valve. Place a rag over the valve while removing it to capture the small quantity of fuel expelled.