Home Auto Repair 2006-2010 Honda Ridgeline Signal Mirror Installation Instructions

2006-2010 Honda Ridgeline Signal Mirror Installation Instructions


Download Door Panel Removal 1. Start with opening the driver’s side door and lowering the window. 2. Using nylon, non-scratchable pry bar – pry, unsnap and remove corner trim piece. 3. Using small flat head screwdriver, remove rubber trim in handle to reveal Phillips head screw. Remove screw as shown. 4. Lift up on door latch. Remove trim cover, us-ing small flat head screwdriver, to reveal (2) 7mm bolts. Remove bolts to reveal cable latch clip. 5. Using a needle nose pliers, unclip latch cable and remove latch assembly. 6. Remove (3) Phillips screws with a Phillips screwdriver. 7. Grab around the bottom of panel, carefully pull to release panel. 8. Lift the door panel off of the door and hold it a few inches away from the door. Disconnect wiring connection and remove door panel. Mirror Housing Removal 1. Disconnect wiring connector. Secure the mirror housing with one hand and remove the three mirror mounting nuts from the corner of the door with 8mm socket. Carefully remove the mir-ror housing from the door. Lay the mirror housing on a, cloth covered, flat surfaced work bench. Mirror Replacement WARNING: Safety glasses and sturdy gloves are required for mirror replacement. 1. Push on the top edge of the mirror to manually pivot it fully outward. Insert a large flathead screwdriver down between the motor actuator and the backplate motor mount (white). Slowly and carefully pry up against mirror until OE mirror unsnaps. Lift up and disengage mirror mount inserts to release OE mirror. If heated, disconnect heater wires from heater terminals and remove OE mirror.