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How to Replace the Brake Pad on a 1993 Chevrolet Suburban


The front brakes on the 1993 Chevy Suburban endure a disproportionate amount of stress during braking than their rear wheel counterparts. The added burden contributes to brake rotor wear and damage as well as the need to replace the front brake pads more frequently than the back brakes. Use the replacement as an opportunity to inspect the entire front braking system. Inspect the rotors and calipers and maintain the proper level of brake fluid.

Tools Used: Tools, Turkey baster or syringe, Lug wrench or 21-mm socket or breaker bar, Jack, Jack stands, 13-mm wrench, Channel-lock pliers, Brake pads, Funnel, Brake fluid

Replace Brake Pads

Park the Suburban on a relatively flat stretch of road or driveway. Turn off the engine and apply the parking brake. Pop the hood by pulling the hood release lever. The lever is located on the driver’s side of the cabin, under the dashboard.

Lift the hood and remove the master cylinder’s cap. The cap is in the back of the engine bay on the right side of the Suburban’s motor. Extract roughly half of the brake fluid from the reservoir using a turkey baster or syringe.

Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels with the lug wrench or a 21-mm socket and breaker bar. Slide the lifting jack under the cross-frame under the front of the vehicle and lift the front tires off the ground at least three inches. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands. Finish removing the lugs and take the wheels/tires off.