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How to Replace the Serpentine Belt on a 1993 Chevrolet V6


Most accessories on the 1993 Chevrolet’s V6 vehicle are operated by a single wide belt called a serpentine belt. The serpentine belt routes around each accessory pulley in a way that allows it to operate every accessory from the same belt. If the belt is cracked, frayed or damaged, it should be replaced before it breaks. The serpentine belt replacement process is the same for all 1993 Chevrolet vehicles.

Tools Used: Tools, 1/2-inch drive breaker bar, Metric sockets, New serpentine belt

Replace Serpentine Belt

Open the hood, and secure it so that it does not fall.

Look on top of the flat surface of the fan shroud for the serpentine belt routing diagram. Use the routing instructions from this diagram to route the new serpentine belt around the accessory pulleys.

Locate the serpentine belt self-adjusting tensioner on the front of the motor. The tensioner is a two-part component with a pulley on one end and a spring-loaded arm attached to the front of the engine block on the other end. Turn the tensioner from the bolt that connects the pulley to the tensioner arm.

Position the socket and breaker bar over the bolt head on the tensioner pulley. Turn the breaker bar in a clockwise direction to move the tensioner pulley off the belt. Slide the belt out from under the tensioner pulley.