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How to Install the Tensioner Pulley on a 1993 Chrysler Engine


The tensioner pulley on a 1993 Chrysler engine, like the one installed in the Chrysler LeBaron, is located just above the driveshaft pulley in the center of the engine. Whereas the crankshaft pulley is the largest pulley on the engine, the tensioner pulley is the smallest pulley on the engine. Due to the smaller size of the tensioner pulley, you may notice that the bearings inside the pulley wear out. This can cause the pulley to rub against the belt instead of turning against the belt, leading to premature belt failure.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket set

Install Tensioner Pulley

Place the 3/8-inch ratchet driver into the square hole on the tensioner arm and push the ratchet handle to the left. This releases tension on the serpentine belt. Pull the belt off the tensioner pulley.

Place a socket and ratchet onto the bolt that secures the pulley to the Chrysler’s tensioner arm and remove the bolt while you have the tensioner arm pushed to the left.

Place the bolt through the tensioner pulley and thread the bolt into the tensioner arm. Use the socket and ratchet to tighten the bolt. Push the tensioner arm to the left and slide the serpentine belt over the pulley. Remove the ratchet driver from the Chrysler’s tensioner arm.