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How to Install the Head Gasket on a 1993 Dodge Diesel


For the 1993 model year, Dodge called upon the Cummins diesel engine company to supply the powerhouse for its large trucks and vans. While these diesel engines are fuel efficient, powerful alternatives to regularly-fueled engines of the same type, the stress placed on these motors is significantly higher than on naturally-aspirated models. If you suspect that a leak has occurred between the cylinder heads and the engine block, the head gaskets need to be replaced. You can perform this installation at home to save time and money. This process can take quite some time to execute, so patience is just as important as the necessary tools and know-how.

Tools Used: Tools, Replacement head gaskets, Gasket removal solvent, Gasket sealant, Wrench set, Torque wrench, Flat-head screwdriver, Philips-head screwdriver, Recycling container

Head Gasket Installation

Open the hood of your Dodge truck and locate the batteries. There should be two batteries that power the electrical equipment installed in your 1993 Dodge truck. Unscrew the bolt that holds each of the black terminals to each battery, then disconnect these terminal cables from the battery. Be sure to move these terminal cables far away from the battery and any other metal surfaces of the engine bay to avoid electrical grounding.

Position the recycling container underneath the Dodge’s radiator. Twist off the radiator filler cap to relieve pressure in this system. Pull the drainage plug out by twisting, and let all of the engine coolant drain into the container. If you wish to replace the engine coolant after installing the new head gaskets, you may do so. Otherwise, move the coolant container aside for later use.