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1993 Dodge Grand Caravan AC Compressor Replacement


Replacing an air conditioning compressor on a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan requires the use of a reclaimer–a machine that captures the Freon, filters out the contaminants and recharges the system. It is not only illegal to vent Freon to the atmosphere, but doing so is also harmful to the environment. The reclaimer should also have a vacuum pump. An air conditioning system must be evacuated of air and moisture in preparation to be recharged.

Tools Used: Tools, Air conditioning reclaimer, Set of wrenches, Set of 3/8-inch drive sockets, 3/8-inch drive ratchet, 3/8-inch Allen wrench, Can of refrigerant oil

Replace AC Compressor

Hook up the reclaimer to the air conditioning system by attaching the red (high side) hose to the small high pressure line and the blue (low side) line to the largest of the two lines, which is the suction side. Plug the machine in, open the valve to the capture tank in the rear of the machine, turn the machine on, and open both low- and high-side valves. Push the button to reclaim and the machine will begin to remove the Freon.

Remove the serpentine belt while the system is being discharged. Use a wrench to take the tension off of the belt. Put the wrench on the tensioner, pull it in toward the center of the engine and release the pressure to remove the belt.

Close the low- and high-side valves on the reclaimer. Turn the power off and remove the lines from the vehicle’s Schraeder valves. Remove the high- and low-side lines from the compressor using a wrench. Remove the electrical connector from the clutch by pulling it off.