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Harley Davidson Road King Lightbar installation Guide


Download Harley Davidson Road King Lightbar installation Guide – This product is designed to mount in the lowest, visible section of the motorcycle windshield. 1. Install the 3 housing edge seals (1 long seal and 2 short seals) onto the lightbar as shown (Fig. 1). Make sure that the seal is oriented so that the lip curls inward (Fig 2). 2. Remove the 3 screws shown from the upper section of the windscreen (Fig. 3.). CAUTION! DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THESE LED’SWHILE THEY ARE ON. MOMENTARY BLINDNESS AND/OR EYE DAMAGE COULD RESULT! IMPORTANT WARNING! WARNING! All customer supplied W ires that connect to the positive terminal of the battery must be sized to supply at least 125% of the maximum operating current and FUSED at the battery to carry that load. DO NOT USE CIRCUIT BREAKERS WITH THIS PRODUCT! Fig. 1 Fig. 4 Fig. 3 Fig. 2 3. Position the lightbar into its mounting position behind the windscreen. When properly positioned, the holes in the lightbar mounting tabs will be aligned with the vacant holes through the windscreen. 4. Using the mounting hardware included with the lightbar, secure the lightbar to the windscreen assembly.