Home Auto Repair Honda/Acura Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Set Installation Instructions

Honda/Acura Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Set Installation Instructions


Download Step 1. Remove outer compensator arm bolt only. Remove two mounting bolts at cross pin, and parking brake cable retainer. At this time it is your discretion to remove complete trailing arm from vehicle to facilitate easier removal and installation of new polyurethane bushing or you may pull front of trailing arm downward. Step 2. Important Notes: Do not remove O.E. Outer metal shell. This shell is tapered on O.D.. Make note of which direction the cross pin is installed, this pin is offset! Bushing / pin removal. 1. Remove rubber bushing and / or pin from O.E. shell. (One example method to remove rubber bushing from O.E. shell is to use a hacksaw blade and cut bushing out. Note: All rubber must be removed from shell and clean for installation of new bushing . Step 3. Remove rubber from O.D. of cross pin. The cross pin must be completely free of all rubber . When using the method pictured above use Extreme Caution. Install cross pin noting the correct offset direction noted from step 2. Step 4. Grease I.D. of O.E. outer metal shell and O.D. of the new polyurethane bushing. Install bushing into shell from the outside inward. The installation method pictured above aids in the installation of bushing. The washers, bolt and nut may be purchased at your favorite hardware store. (4-1/2” lg. Bolt with nut, and two 3-1/4” O.D. Washers). Reattach trailing arm to vehicle and torque all fasteners removed to factory specifications. Energy Suspension recommends a complete wheel alignment after installation.