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How to Change the Fuel Filter on a 1993 Ford Escort


Ford’s 1993 Escort was equipped with an in-line fuel filter underneath the hood. Its purpose is to prevent any solid contaminants in the fuel supply from reaching the fuel-injection system. An old filter will not only allow contaminants to reach the fuel-injection system, but will also inhibit the quantity of fuel required by the engine, resulting in a loss of power. Fortunately, changing the Escort’s fuel filter takes only a few minutes.

Tools Used: Tools, Wrench, Shop rag, Jack, Jack stands, Screwdriver

Change the Fuel Filter

Locate the fuel filter underneath the hood, just above the intake assembly. The filter is a metal canister with a large clamp wrapped around it.

Unfasten and remove the Escort’s negative battery cable with a wrench.

Position a shop rag underneath the fuel filter to capture the small amount of gasoline which will leak out of the fuel lines when they are disconnected from the filter.