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How to Install the Thermostat on a 1993 Ford Escort


The thermostat in the 1993 Ford Escort is designed to regulate the engine temperature. It works by locking the coolant into the engine until warm; once warm, the thermostat opens, allowing new coolant into the engine. This coolant flows through the engine, absorbs the heat then flows back to the radiator for cooling. This constant process keeps the engine running at its optimum temperature. When a thermostat goes bad, the vehicle will typically overheat, but on rare occasions the thermostat will stick open and over-cool the engine. No matter the symptom, the thermostat must be replaced to prevent further damage.

Tools Used: Tools, Screwdriver set, Drain pan, Anti-freeze/coolant, Ratchet, Socket set, Floor jack, Jack stands, Razor blade scraper

Install Thermostat

Raise the front of the vehicle with a jack and secure it on jack stands. Look at the bottom side of the radiator and locate the drain plug below the lower radiator hose. Place the drain pan directly below the coolant drain plug. Loosen and remove the drain plug with a ratchet and socket and allow roughly 1 inch of coolant to flow into the drain pan.

Replace the drain plug with the ratchet and socket. Remove the drain pan from under the vehicle and save the coolant, if it appears clean, to refill the system. Lower the vehicle to the ground with the jack. Locate the air filter box on the driver’s side of the engine compartment.