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How to Replace a Fuel Pump on a 1993 Ford Escort


A 1993 Ford Escort typically has a four-cylinder, 1.9L engine that uses fuel injection. It has an electric fuel pump that provides fuel to the engine under high pressure. A fuel pump kit for a 1993 Ford Escort should include a gasket, which you must also replace when you replace the fuel pump. You will also need a special tool to remove the locking ring for the fuel pump, although you can also accomplish this with a hammer and drift.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket wrench set, Shop rag, Fuel pump locking ring removal tool, Brass drift and hammer

Replace a Fuel Pump

Pull out the cushion for the rear seat and disconnect the fuel pump from its electrical connector. Start the engine and run the engine until it stalls to relieve the pressure in the fuel system. Turn off the engine after it stalls. Disconnect the battery’s negative cable with a socket wrench. Remove the screw that attaches the cover of the fuel pump to the ground strap and remove the ground strap. Disconnect the screws for the fuel pump cover and remove the fuel pump cover. Unfasten the retaining clips for the fuel line and disconnect the fuel lines to the fuel pump. Soak up any fuel spills with a shop rag.

Remove the retaining ring for the fuel pump by turning it counterclockwise with the special tool or a hammer and brass drift. Remove the gasket and fuel pump from the fuel tank. Place the new gasket and fuel pump into position on the fuel tank. Lock the retaining ring onto the fuel pump and connect the fuel lines to the fuel pump. Attach the retaining clips to the fuel line. Install the cover and ground strap for the fuel pump cover. Connect the fuel pump to its electrical connector. Replace the cushion for the rear seat and connect the cable for the negative terminal of the battery. Start the engine and check for leaks.