Home Auto Repair 2006-2010 Acura Integra Turbo Systems Installation Instructions

2006-2010 Acura Integra Turbo Systems Installation Instructions


Download Removing the Factory Exhaust Manifold and Downpipe Begin by removing the following: 1.) Exhaust manifold and A-pipe to the catalytic converter. Save the hardware used to mount the manifold to the head and the hardware that mount the A-pipe to the catalytic converter. a. Remove the oxygen sensor from the exhaust manifold, using great care not to damage it. b. Remove the exhaust donut gasket found at the end of the factory A-pipe. 2.) Air box and intake pipe. Completely remove the intake system from the throttle body all the way to the box located in the fender well. 3.) Remove the bumper cover to expose the area under the bumper. 4.) Remove the plastic skirt located directly under the engine and attached to the bumper cover. **Tip: Keep an empty box on hand to keep the hardware removed. Some of these will be reused when installing the turbo kit. Once the exhaust manifold has been removed, locate the air conditioning compressor line. Take note of all of the brackets that maintain a fixed position for this line. Removing these brackets will make it free from constraint and allow you to pull it back to have more room when installing the turbo and manifold. You can use cable / zip ties to keep the a/c lines secured. Mounting the Turbocharger to the Manifold and Downpipe Orientating the Turbocharger The arrows in figure 1 and 2 point to the areas of a turbocharger which keep the center section in a fixed position. 1.) Loosen the bolts until the compressor housing, bearing housing, and turbine housing will rotate freely in relation to one another.