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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Catalytic Converter Removal


Every car sold in the United States is required to have a catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is an essential part of your car’s emissions system. No matter which option package or engine your Eclipse has, changing the catalytic converter is going to be accomplished the same way. The 1995 Eclipse has a a three-way catalytic converter, named as such because it converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen, carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Tools Used: Tools, 2 wheel blocks, Jack, 2 jack stands, Safety glasses, Penetrating oil, Socket set, Ratchet, Wrench set, Wire brush, New catalytic converter and gaskets, Spray bottle of soapy water

Remove Catalytic Converter

Park the car and firmly set the parking brake. Block one driver’s side wheel, front and back. Place the jack under the middle of the passenger side, directly below the frame, and lift it high enough to crawl under safely. Place the jack stands under the front and rear sections of the frame and lower the car onto the stands.

Spray the bolts on the flanges, on either end of the catalytic converter. Remove the nuts and bolts from both front and rear exhaust flanges on the catalytic convert exhaust pipes by turning them counterclockwise, using a ratchet and socket and a wrench. Remove the converter.

Clean the exhaust pipe flange mounting surfaces completely, using the wire brush.