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The Best Tires for the Toyota Tundra


A versatile tire will deliver decent performance in snow, water, and ice. If you’re in the market for a new set of tires for your Toyota Tundra, consider first how you are using the truck. Tires for this style of truck vary widely, differentiated by price, tread, and purpose. For a more all-around tire, there are several brands that tire dealers and Tundra owners tend to recommend.

Firestone Destination

Firestone’s P275/65R18 Firestone Destination A/T tires are designed to be a versatile tire for many different conditions. While they’re an all-terrain tire, they’re also designed to offer a smooth ride. The tires are designed with a noise-canceling feature for that quieter ride. The tires are designed for wet conditions and snow, yet remain quiet on city streets. The tires come with 50,000 mile warranty–standard on most domestic tires.