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Tire Specifications of the Jeep Liberty


Using stock tire sizes helps maintain the quality of the vehicle. Jeep introduced the Liberty in 2002. Few changes occurred to the Liberty until 2008, when a complete body redesign occurred. Tire sizing for the Jeep Liberty, however, remained mostly the same and depends on the size of the rims installed.

Tire Size

The Jeep Liberty using 16-inch rims wore tires whose size were either P235/70R16 or P225/75R16. Original tires for the vehicle were Goodyear Wrangler all-season tires for the P225 series and all-terrain tires for the P235 series. A Liberty with 17-inch rims comes off the factory floor with P235/65R17 Wrangler all-season tires. A Liberty with 18-inch rims used P235/60R18 Wrangler all-season tires.