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How to Reset TPMs on the Nissan Titan


Reset TPMs on the Nissan Titan – TPMS stands for “Tire Pressure Monitoring System.” The Nissan Titan is equipped with this feature. This system checks the truck’s tire pressure at specific intervals. If the tire pressure is too low, a “Low Tire Pressure” light will appear on the dash. There is no button to manually reset this system. According to the Titan’s owner manual, the tire pressure must be checked, and the truck must be driven to reset the system.

Things You’ll Need: Tire air gauge, Compressor or air tank (optional)


  • Drive your Nissan Titan to a service station that has a tire-inflation or air machine. Many convenient stores have these machines. If you have an air tank or an air compressor at home, you can simply perform the procedure in your driveway.