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How to Install the Front Brakes on the 1993 Honda Accord


Service or inspect the front brakes on your 1993 Honda Accord every six months, as Honda recommends, to keep the brake system functioning correctly. Strenuous driving conditions such as stop-and-go traffic can cause the brakes to wear down especially quickly. The brake pads have built-in wear indicators that produce a high-pitched squealing as an indication that you need to service the pads very soon. Ignoring this sound can prove costly. As the brake pads wear down even more, they begin to damage your rotors, making minor brake-pad replacement more expensive. Install new front brakes on the 1993 Honda Accord right at home.

Tools Used: Tools, Lug wrench, Car jack, Jack stand, 8-inch C-clamp, Socket wrench set, Anti-squeal compound

Install the Front Brakes

Apply the Accord’s emergency brake and then loosen the lug nuts on the driver’s-side tire with a lug wrench.

Raise the car on the driver’s side with a car jack. Place a jack stand into position under the frame rail to help support the weight of the car.

Remove all of the lug nuts from the tire, and then slide the tire off the hub assembly. Roll the tire to the side of your work area and set its lug nuts on the ground beside it. Make sure that no dirt gets into the threads of the lug nuts because it will cause them to strip the threads on the lug nut studs.