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2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Removal Windshield

Download Make sure that you have the right parts and that the ure- thane system you are about to use is current. The wind- shield part number is FW02275 GTN and the molding part numbers are OEM MR20285 and Precision WFTF2275. • If you use a cold knife or power tool while working on this car, remove the A pillar trim panels as the windshield fits very close to the pinchweld. Remove panels using an instal- lation stick or a panel remover. • Remove the mirror from the windshield now. A turn of the mirror’s base in either a clockwise motion or a counter-clock- wise motion will remove it from the spring-loaded bracket. • Cover the front seats, the floorboards, the dash and the steering wheel with a clean drop cloth or disposable plastic covers. • Cover the roof with a hood cover. • Remove the windshield-wiper nut covers using an installation stick. • Remove the windshield-wiper nuts, using a 14-millimeter wrench or socket. Wipers can sometimes be very hard to remove. To avoid stressing the post, use a wiper puller to help take the wiper off the post.