Home Auto Repair 1955-1957 Chevy Triangulated 4-Link Kit Installation Instructions

1955-1957 Chevy Triangulated 4-Link Kit Installation Instructions

Download 1. Start by placing in the Axle Brackets onto the housing on the distances shown in Determine 1. The Axle Brackets are symmetrical with the centerline of the housing. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR HOUSING “BANJO” WILL LIKELY BE OFF CENTER! Due to this, to search out the center of your housing, measure from the floor edge of every outer flange and mark the halfway point. As confirmed in Determine 2, your housing must be pointed down 2º from vertical, whereas all the mounts (aside from the angle brackets) ought to be vertical. The very best face of the angle brackets will in all probability be horizontal. As soon as in place, tack weld them. 2. Set up the decrease crossmember. The crossmember is to be situated 1” from the body mount and the best of the crossmember is 5/eight” down from the top of the body rail, as shown in Determine 3. You’ll should trim the edges to suit between your frame rails (they fluctuate from automobile to automotive). If that is the case, make sure you trim an equal quantity on each side of the decrease crossmember. Guarantee the perimeters are precisely vertical. Tack weld in place.