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How to Change the Oil on a Volkswagen Beetle


Last produced in Meixco in 2003, long after the New Beetle had displaced it, the original Volkswagen Beetle is an economical favorite of many generations of drivers. The messy process of changing a Beetle’s oil and oil filter is one of the classic aspects of the true Beetle experience. To drain the oil and change the filter you’ll need to locate and remove a round engine plate located under the car. Once that’s done you can refill your oil through a filling tube located under the hood.

Tools Used: Tools, Newspaper, Adjustable wrench, 4-qt. receptacle for old oil, Rag, Replacement oil filter, 3 to 4 qts. 15W/50 engine oil

Change the Oil

Don your gloves and spread newspaper over the ground beneath your Beetle. Changing the Beetle’s oil can be a messy process.