Home Auto Repair How to Change the Oil on a Volkswagen Beetle

How to Change the Oil on a Volkswagen Beetle


Locate the engine plate that holds your oil in place. The plate is located on the bottom of your engine. It’s round and it has six bolts surrounding the edge of the plate and one large bolt in the middle.

Remove the large middle bolt using your adjustable wrench. Doing so will result in the old oil draining out. Be prepared to catch the draining oil in a receptacle that can hold at least 2.6 qts. of oil. If you can’t get the middle bolt loose you’ll need to unbolt all six outer bolts, which is likely to result in a much messier draining.

Wait until the oil is done draining. The draining process is likely to take 15 minutes or more.

Unbolt the remaining outer bolts if you have not done so already. Remove the plate and set it aside.