Home Auto Repair 2001 Audi TT Roadster Digital Media Player Installation

2001 Audi TT Roadster Digital Media Player Installation


Download Step#01 Remove contents from trunk. Remove bottom trunk liner. Place in clean area. Step#02 Remove parcel storage shelf to access CD changerharness. This is done by removing two plastic trim fasteners. Note: The single-use retention plastic pin maybreak, have extra ones available to replace it. Step#03 Locate the factoryCD changerharness plug in the cavity. If there is no CD changer, the harness plug would be bare with a protective cover. If it is connected to a CD changer, unplug the factoryCD changerharness from the CD changer plug. Step#04 Connect the PhatBox jumperharness to the factoryCD changerharness. Caution! PhatBox should not be connected when performing this task. Step#05 Run the jumperharness plug forthe PhatBox through the ventilation holes in the top of the trunk storage tray. Pass enough cable through to complete the installation. Loop excess, and zip tie. Step#06 Appendix Ais a template foruse in locating the holes to attach the PhatNoise brackets. Attention! See Step #07 fortemplate alignment. Step#06 Place template in the position where you will be installing the PhatBox. Ensure you leave 3″ of clearance at the rearof the template to allow forproper wire connection and no fraying. Step#07 Start pilot hole with template, then punch through with a hole punch. Make sure the holes are not too large. Step#08 The installation brackets are installed in the material at the bottom of the storage container. Do not overtighten- material may tear. Step#09 Bottom view.