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1999-2001 Honda Accord Accessories Radio Replacement


Download Remove Factory Radio. STEP 1 : The clock unsnaps from the dash panel, but requires a very small flat head screwdriver or similar flat tool. Insert the tool into the side gap between the edge of the clock assembly and the dash panel. GENTLY, pry out that edge of the clock. Insert your fingers into the gap and pull firmly to completely remove the clock from the dash panel. Once the clock has been pulled out, unplug the plastic connector attached to the rear of the clock. STEP 2 : Once the clock assembly has been removed locate and remove one (1) phillips screw. STEP 3 : Look on the curved underside of the dash panel. Locate and remove two (2) phillips screws. STEP 4 : All screws securing the dash have now been removed. The plastic dash panel itself snaps into the main dash assembly. Begin by pulling gently on either the bottom curve of the dash panel or one of the top corners of the dash panel. Continue to pull until all sides of the plastic dash panel have slightly pulled away from the main dash assembly. Then pull the entire plastic dash panel away from the main dash assembly. STEP 5 : Once the plastic dash panel has been pulled out from the main dash assembly, turn the panel around so that you can see the wires attached to the rear side. Unplug all connectors attached to the air conditioner controls. The radio is secured by four (4) screws, your vehicle will either have four (4) phillips screws or four (4) 8 mm bolt screws. Remove the screws and pull the radio out of the dash.