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Acura NSX Rear Big Brake Upgrade ST-40 and ST-10


Download Step 1 Remove Stock Caliper and Rotor Note- At the time this manual was created, we did not have a vehicle in-house for the photos. A display using the right rear corner from an NSX was used for the images. In the near future, a more comprehensive manual will be created showing the actual vehicle. Please refer to a Factory Service Manual or similar publication for removal of the stock brakes and factory recommended torque values for noted fasteners. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Dept. at 310-325-4799 X 105 or e-mail: support@stoptech.com Step 2 Remove Dust Shield/Splash Guard Corner with caliper and rotor removed. Pull the shield away from the hub and using a sheet metal snip, make a single cut as shown. After cutting the shield, bend the cut section away and the shield will slide off over the hub. Hub and knuckle with shield. Step 3 Install Caliper Brackets If you are running the StopTech parking brake kit, install the bracket for the ST-10 Parking Brake Caliper first, then the bracket for the ST-40 four piston caliper. Using a 10mm socket, install the ST-10 parking caliper bracket using 2 of the M6-1.0 X 16mm Hex Head Flange Bolts provided. Do not tighten the bolts until the ST-40 Bracket is also in place. Using a 17mm wrench or socket, install the supplied M12-1.75 X 40mm Hex Head Flange Bolts provided, install the ST-40 bracket as shown. Torque all bolts to the factory recommended specification.