Home Auto Repair 2006 Acura RSX Gold Emblem Kit Installation Instructions

2006 Acura RSX Gold Emblem Kit Installation Instructions


Download Be careful not to damage the body paint finish, bumpers, bumper grilles, etc. •This gold emblem kit should be installed only if the ambient air temperature is 60°F (15°C) or above. Installing the Front “A” Emblem 1. Open the hood, and remove the front bumper (12 clips, four screws, and two self-tapping washer-screws). To prevent damage to the front bumper, place it on a blanket. 2. Inside the engine compartment, remove the two secure self-tapping screws that secure the emblem base to the front grille, and remove the emblem base. 3. Using diagonal cutters, cut the locating tabs from the existing front “A” emblem. Push the locating tabs to remove the emblem from the emblem base. 4. Using isopropyl on a shop towel, clean the area where the emblem was removed. 5. Install the gold “A” emblem on the emblem base by inserting the two locating tabs into the holes in the emblem base. Push the new push nuts flat side first, onto the locating tabs. Note the installation direction of the push nuts. 6. Reinstall the emblem base and the front bumper. Check that all clips are installed securely without play or lifting. Installing the Rear Gold “A”, “ACURA,” and “RSX” Emblems 7. Mark the locations of the existing emblems, using masking tape. 8. Using string, remove the emblems from the body by moving the string in the directions shown. Note the locating tabs of the emblems when moving the string. 9. Remove the two clips from the body. Be careful not to damage the body.