Home Auto Repair 2000-2002 Acura Integra 1100 X/F-HA Transponder Bypass

2000-2002 Acura Integra 1100 X/F-HA Transponder Bypass


Download NOTE TO THE INSTALLER: THIS GUIDE IS INTENDED FOR USE WITH AN 1100F OR 1100X THAT HAS BEEN UPDATED TO AN 1100HA USING THE DIRECTLINK UPDATER TOOL. DIRECTLINK UPDATER SOFTWARE IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.DIRECTECHS.COM. STEP 1: SELECT INSTALLATION MODE Complete the wire connections to the vehicle and to the remote starter/alarm system. Connect all harnesses including the 4-pin power harness. The module LED will now fl ash green intermittently. (Note: if this condition is not present, your module may need to be reset to the factory default). 1. Press and release the programming switch to select installation mode. Press the switch to alternate between the two modes (only standard mode should be used). 1 fl ash, pause, I fl ash, pause = (This mode is not used) 2 fl ashes, pause, 2 fl ashes, pause = Standard installation mode 2. When installation mode is selected, press and hold the programming button until the LED displays a solid green light for two seconds. Your installation mode is now programmed. Please proceed to step 2. NOTE: Should you wish to change the installation mode, follow the “Factory Reset” instructions. STEP 2: PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE 1. Insert the key into vehicle ignition. 2. Turn the ignition to the “ON” position and wait for the module LED to illuminate green for 2 seconds. (Note : If module LED remains illuminated red after 10 seconds elapsed time, turn the key to “OFF” and repeat programming procedure ) 3. Programming has been completed.