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Audi TT Roof Rack Kit Installation instructions


Download When using Load Carriers and accessories, the user must understand the precautions. The points listed below will assist you in using the rack system and will encourage safety. For quality fits and safety, use only the recommended rack or accessory. Do not assume a rack will fit, always check with Dealer when obtaining a new vehicle. Use only approved accessories on load carriers. Using other brands will void your warranty. Do not carry more than 75 kg (165 lbs.). Load carriers do not increase gutter or roof strength. Loads that exceed this limit can not be warrantied. Total load = cargo weight plus weight of accessories used to carry cargo. Always make sure car doors are open when mounting a roof rack system. Make sure all knobs, bolts, screws, straps, and locks are firmly attached, tightened and locked before every trip. Knobs, bolts, screws, straps, and locks must be periodically inspected for signs of wear, corrosion, and fatigue. Check your load at stops during the trip to insure continued fastening security. Check local and state laws governing projection of objects beyond the width of a vehicle. Be aware of the width and height of your cargo since low clearance branches, bridges, and parking garages can affect the load. All cargo will affect the vehicle’s driving behavior. Never drive with any lock, knob or rack in an open or unlocked position. All long loads such as, but not limited to, sailboards, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, and lumber must be tied down front and rear to the bumpers or tow hooks of the vehicle.