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Ford Powerstroke Superchips® 1700 MAX Tuner Vehicle Programming


Download OFF ROAD PROGRAMMING The Superchips® “OFF ROAD” program (higher output) is not designed for towing over 4,000 lbs. If increased power is desired and you want to tow over 4,000 lbs. , modification to your exhaust components and the installation of an EGT gauge is recommended to prevent potential damage to your engine. On 1994 thru 1998 models an after-market down pipe is required to run this program. Consult your diesel mechanic. STOCK PROGRAM If you need to return your vehicle to a service center, restore the vehicle program to its “STOCK” program as described below. The service center might reprogram your vehicle with an updated ‘STOCK’ program without your knowledge. If your vehicle has not been returned to its ‘STOCK’ program prior to service, the Superchips® MAX Tuner will no longer be able to program your vehicle. Such a failure is not covered by the Superchips® warrantee. Connecting the Superchips® MAX Tuner to your vehicle 1. With the ignition switch in the OFF position, locate the diagnostic connector under the dash near the steering wheel or under the glove box and connect the MAX Tuner cable to the diagnostic connector. (See Figure 2) 2. When connected, the MAX Tuner will run a self-test. When the self-test is finished the MAX Tuner will alternately display two messages. “Begin with Ign. OFF Press>” The MAX Tuner alternately displays: “Turn Ignition ON ” “DO NOT START ENG” Saving the stock program for the vehicle The manufacturer’s “stock” program is…