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Honda ST1100 Highway Pegs Manual Installation Instructions


Download IT’S SAID THAT HONDA ST1100, CALLED the Pan European across the pond, was designed to burn across the Autobahn at 100 mph. But with a 7.4-gallon tank and a sporty riding position, you may find it necessary to shake the kinks out of your legs before the tank runs dry. In response, ST1100 owners have developed a series of “farkles” to complement the bike’s long-distance touring abilities. Robert Kienlen of Dallas, Texas, has developed the ultimate foot farkle: Speed Sticks, a set of folding highway pegs that attach to the bike’s engine guards and let you sit upright, then fold out of the way when you want a sportier crouch. Now you can have cruiser comfort on a sport-touring machine. 1. A complete set includes pegs, brackets, and fasteners. 2. Steve removed the plastic engine guard cowl. The plastic should be warm — it’s brittle when cold. 3. Steve removed the 1/2″ clevis bolt, Allen bolts, lock washers, and metal straps from one of the brackets. 4. He then positioned the bracket across the top of the engine guard tubing and loosely reinstalled the bolts, washers, and straps to the underside of the support bracket, with the straps around the bottom of the engine guard tubing. 5. Next, he pulled the support bracket away from the fairing and inserted the clevis bolt and lock washer from the back side. He repositioned the bracket, making sure the bolt head was 1/16″-1/8″ from the fairing, and tightened the Allen bolts. 6. It’s time to cut the plastic.