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Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 MI16 Pace Dry Sump System


Download Installation Engine Drive Pulley Remove the existing crankshaft pulley retaining bolt and thick washer. Ensure that the mating surfaces for the new pump drive pulley are clean and locate into the main pulley as shown. Refit the bolt (do not use the washer) and threadlock / tighten as appropriate. Engine Preparation To allow for good access etc, I removed the bumper and valance, fan housing, slam panel, radiator, expansion tank, air flow meter and battery etc as shown below: • Remove the existing sump (Not used again) • Remove the existing oil pump drive chain (Scrapped) To achieve this in situ, I very carefully masked up the crankcase and then used a “Dremel” type tool with a small grinding stone to very carefully grind away the peening to a chain link. I also positioned a strong magnet nearby to collect the metal particles. • Remove the existing oil pump (Not used again) • If fitted, remove the existing block spacer / stiffener (Not used again) Whilst these parts are removed, take the opportunity to prepare the oil filter high pressure-in adapter and engine block breathers/oil filler. • Remove the existing oil filter (scrapped) • If fitted, remove the existing oil cooler or oil cooler adapter plate. This is held in place by a threaded adapter stud. • Remove the threaded tube that is fitted into the block so that the end result looks like the photo above. The tube is threadlocked into place and I used a pair of Stilson’s to remove the tube, which will be destroyed in the process.