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Honda Ridgeline Jackrabbit Series Installation Instructions


Download TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY: 3/8″ wrench or socket #2 Phillips screwdriver Wire Cutters Razor box Knife #40 Torx wrench #50 Torx wrench Drill w/ 3/4″ taper drill or step drill bit BEFORE YOU START:Read the instructions carefully before you start. Due to the custom fi t of this truck bed cover the installation will require a second person to help in placing the canister in the truck bed. If you have questions regarding the installation please call our Technical Support Line at (800) 338-3697. STEP 1: REMOVE PLYWOOD & INVENTORY CONTENTS Remove the top cover from the canister box and set it aside for later installation. Remove the canister from the box. Using the 3/8″ wrench or socket remove the 2 bolts holding the plywood on the ends of the canister. Use Side Cut Pliers to cut handle retaining straps. DISCARD PLYWOOD PACKAGING AND BOLTS! Perform a quick inventory to insure all parts are there. Be sure to check inside the small cardboard box for parts. 3 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS STEP 2: ATTACH RAIL BRACKET & RAILS TO THE CANISTER Open the rail box along the length of the box; lift rails out to avoid scratching the rail surface on the package staples. REMOVE PROTECTIVE PAPER ON UNDERSIDE OF RAILS. THIS IS FOR PACKAGING PURPOSES ONLY. Find the two rear rail bracket’s and four of the #8-32 X ½” countersunk screws in the hardware kit and attach them to each of the rails at the tailgate end.