Home Auto Repair Stage 1 Audio Upgrade for BMW 3 Series, M3 Coupe ’00-‘06

Stage 1 Audio Upgrade for BMW 3 Series, M3 Coupe ’00-‘06


Download Stage 1 Audio Upgrade (BMW Speakers) Installation Instructions for BMW 3 Series, M3 Coupe ’00-’06 (E46) Front Door Removal: 1. Start by rolling down the windows on all of the doors. This will decrease the chance of scratching the glass or tint on the window. 2. Orient yourself with the door. Read these instructions fully before beginning the installation process. This will again ensure proper planning and that the process goes as smoothly as possible. 3. You’re now ready to begin. Starting with the passenger door, locate the door handle/armrest that runs the length of the door. You will see three indentions along the underside of this panel (Figures 1 & 2). There will be one towards the front of the door near the top of the handle, one at the bottom of the handle, and one more towards the rear. These three bolts are Torx T20. Remove them by turning them counter clockwise, and placing them in a safe place where you won’t lose them. 4. Locate the airbag plug towards the rear center of the door panel. Remove this using your panel popper. Pry from the top and bottom very carefully. This will reveal another Torx T20. 5. You will also need to pop out the side mirror control switch in the driver’s door. Remove it using a small flat head screwdriver, lifting upward from the rear of the switch, and unplug. This may also be done when the door panel is off by using your finger to push it out from the inside. 6. Now, look behind the chrome door handle, and you will see a small plastic black circle (Figure 3).