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Ford F-150 Std Short Bed 2009-Current Tonneau Instalation


Download Be sure to use only cleaners, waxes, etc., which are labeled ‘Safe for Plastics’. Make sure that chemicals or substances, which are not labeled ‘safe for plastics’, do not come in contact with your Undercover. Failure to do so could cause discoloration and/or structural damage to your Undercover and will void your warranty. Paint rubbing of the truck is normally not a problem, but is always a possibility with any tonneau. To ensure less chance of possible paint rubbing of the truck, it is suggested to install a tailgate protector and adhere Cab Skin®, Scotch Cal®, or similar product to the truck bed. These products can provide added assurance against paint rubbing. Undercover Tonneaus are designed from trucks that do not have a bed liner (spray-in bed liners pose no problem). Trucks that do have under-the-rail or over-the-rail bed liners will require some minor trimming of the bed liner to ensure proper placement of the mounting brackets. Due to the wide variety of bed liner manufacturers, the modifications will vary slightly between different brands. Any modifications must be made to the bed liner and NOT to the Undercover mounting hardware. Modifications to the mounting hardware will result in improper installation and will void your warranty. Note: If your Tonneau has already been installed, skip to Page 11 for removal and reinstallation instructions. A B C D Place the rear bracket according to the measurements on Page 4, Figure 1, Pictures A & B.