Home Auto Repair 1999-2003 TAG-II Install Ford 7.3L Installation Instructions

1999-2003 TAG-II Install Ford 7.3L Installation Instructions


Download The TAG-II is two Turbo Air Guides one in the inlet to the turbo and a larger one which is in the large end of the hose leading to the turbo. Remove the 4″ hose from the air filter housing to the CCV mounted to the valve cover. Then loosen the hose clamps from the tapered hose leading from the CCV connector to the turbo inlet. Remove the two 8mm bolts which hold the CCV connector to the valve cover and remove the tapered hose and CCV connector from the truck. Install the larger TAG into the CCV until the flange stops against the CCV with the shorter end pointing out, towards the tapered hose CCV connection as shown in this picture. Inspect the edges of the smaller TAG for burrs and loose pieces. Even though these parts are cleaned and deburred before shipping you still want to make sure there are no loose pieces which could come loose and be drawn into the turbo. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands as some edges may be sharp. Install the smaller TAG into the turbo inlet housing. It may be necessary to apply some pressure to the TAG to get it seated with the flange touching the face of the turbo inlet on 1999-2003 Fords. Once the TAG is seated, insert the larger end of the tapered hose over the CCV with the larger TAG installed and reinstall onto the turbo with the smaller tag installed as shown in the photo. Make sure the CCV hose is connected from the valve cover to the CCV. Reinstall the rest of the intake tubing and 8mm bolts into the CCV and tighten all clamps.