Home Auto Repair 2009 Ford F150 2″ Leveling Kit Installation Instructions

2009 Ford F150 2″ Leveling Kit Installation Instructions


Download NOTICE TO DEALER AND VEHICLE OWNER Any vehicle equipped with any Rough Country product should have a “Warning to Driver” decal installed on the inside of the windshield or on the vehicle’s dash. The decal should act as a constant reminder for whoever is operating the vehicle of its unique handling characteristics. INSTALLING DEALER – it is your responsibility to install the warning decal and forward these installation instructions on to the vehicle owner for review. These instructions should be kept in the vehicle for its service Kit Contents: 4-Upper Strut Spacers 2 Lower Strut Spacers 1-Poly Bag: 6-3/8″ x 2.25″ Bolt 6-3/8″ Lock-washers 6-3/8″ Nuts Tools Needed: 15mm Wrench 15mm Socket 29mm Socket 1 1/16″ Wrench 21mm Wrench 16 mm Wrench 21 mm Wrench 3/8″ mm Wrench 9/16″ Wrench Hammer Floor Jack Jack Stands Torque Specs: Size Grade 5 Grade 8 3/8″ 30 ft/lbs 35 ft/lbs 7/16″ 45 ft/lbs 60 ft/lbs 1/2″ 65 ft/lbs 90 ft/lbs 9/16″ 95 ft/lbs 130 ft/lbs 5/8″ 135 ft/lbs 175 ft/lbs 3/4″ 185 ft/lbs 280 ft/lbs Class 8.8 Class 10.9 12MM 55ft/lbs 75ft/lbs 14MM 85ft/lbs 120ft/lbs 16MM 130ft/lbs 165ft/lbs 18MM 170ft/lbs 240ft/lbs. INSTALLTION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Jack up the front of the vehicle and support the vehicle with jack stands, so that the front wheels are off the ground 2. Remove the front tires/wheels. 3. Remove dust cap with a screw driver. See Photo 1. 4. Using a 13mm deep well socket remove the axle nut.