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2007 Acura TSX Ultimate Ipod Integration


Download The 2007 Acura utilizes similar navigation equipment as higher end models, some of which are equipped with “Reverse” camera’s! This is good news for 2007 TSX w/ navigation owners! In this illustration, we are going to utilize the pre-existing video input for our ipod integration. A little info about the ipod: When Apple designed the Ipod Video, they did not allow “all” video to be pushed out through their dock port. Meaning, when you hook the Ipod Video up to an external monitor, you don’t see on the monitor exactly what you see on the ipod screen. This presented a problem for my project, because although I could display “videos” and “photos” on my Acura Navigation screen, I could not navigate through the ipods content without physically holding the ipod and looking at the onboard ipod screen. The solution: The Dock: The reason the use of the “Homedock Deluxe” is so important, is because DLO designed a dock that streams all of your ipods content to the dock, and the dock itself processes the song information, and displays it on an external monitor using it’s own pro- priotery menu system! It also allows you to navigate through your songs, and use virtually all vital functions via the included IR remote. The navigation is very similar to Apple’s menu system, so it’s easy to use, and it’s configured so you can change the color scheme to one that’s visually appealing to your eyes. Cracking the OEM Navi System: If you look in the trunk of your TSX under the rear deck you will see a DVD-ROM drive.