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Honda CRF-150 Installation Maintenance Instructions Guide


Download Do not zip tie anything until you are done. Step1: Remove headlight, seat and gas tank. You may have to move the kill switch to the right side of the handlebars if you don’t have enough room on the left side. Step 2: Partially install the headlight assembly using the top right heavy-duty zip tie only to hold it in place temporarily. You will need to plug wires to this assembly and if you put all the bands on you will not be able to make the connections. Step 3: Install handlebar switch on clutch side. You will need to move clutch perch to the right (about ½ inch to 1 inch) to make room for the switch. The clutch adjuster should just miss the handlebar switch. The switch plugs into the circuit board on the bottom of the headlight using the 8-pin plug (the only unused 8-pin one on the circuit board) Step 4: With the front wheel turned all the way to the right, run all wires down the left side of the bike. This insures that the power plug will not unplug (LEAVE SOME EXTRA WIRE) the power to the kit comes from the yellow wires. Connect one end of the wires running out of the lighting coil wires from rewound lighting coil to the plug (2 pin Molex plug) on the back of the kit box. Since this is AC the polarity does not matter. Step 5. To install the mechanical brake switch you need to bolt the brake switch to the frame and drill a hole in the brake pedal. Hook the end of the spring into this hole in the brake pedal. You may have to stretch the spring to ensure that the brake light turns off. This is the worse part of the install.