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How to Install the Tow Lights on a Toyota Matrix


To install tow lights, more commonly known as trailer lights, on your Toyota Matrix, you will need to connect the lights to the tail light electrical connector with a wiring harness kit. It is an involved process, but it is necessary if you wish to tow with your Matrix. Trailer lights come with a wiring harness that is essentially a “plug and play” harness that connects to the tail light’s electrical connector. The entire procedure should take about 30 minutes.

Tools Used: Tools, Slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver

Install Tow Lights

Open the rear door of the Matrix and twist the bottom floor panel’s retainers to loosen it. Pull the floor panel out of the Matrix.

Use a slotted screwdriver to pry off the right and left-side panels containing the tail light assemblies. Disconnect the electrical connector from each tail light assembly.