Home Auto Repair 1992-1995 Honda Civic Honda Tach Pod Installation

1992-1995 Honda Civic Honda Tach Pod Installation


Download 1992-1995 Honda Civic Honda Tach Pod Installation For 1992-1995 Honda Civic. 1. Remove Mounting Bracket R e m ove the mounting bra cket from the tach. The bra cket is not required for installation. Clean the tape from the tach and the shift light. 2. Drill Hole For Wiring Clip the shift light onto the tach pod to d e t e rmine the hole location for the shift light wires to pass through. Drill a 1? 2 ” hole. 3. Install Shift Light With putty knives in place, mount the shift light to the tach pod and make sure it is firmly attached. 12. Handling Dash Insert Use the emergency flasher bu t t o n hole to pull down and out on the dash insert. CLIPS 6. Remove Passenger Vent R e m ove the passenger side vent by gently prying up on both left and right sides simultaneously using a flat-tip screwdriver or a putty knife. 7. Attach Tach Pod Clip Attach the Tach Pod clip on the passenger side, as shown in the above photograph. 4. Install Tach and Gauges Press tach and passenger side gauge into place. Leave center gauge out. Gauges are press fit so no hardwa r e is required to hold gauges in place. 10. Prepare Release Of Clips S t a rting on the right side of the center vent, insert two putty knives in the gap under the dash insert, nex t to the two clips. 11. Releasing The Clips Turn each putty knife until it is behind the clip, then pull it towards you until its blade is under the clip. Leave both knives in place.