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1997-2000 Ford Engine Miss/Noise at Start-Up On


Download The AERATechnical Committee offers the following information regarding an engine miss or engine noise, at start-up, on 1997-2000 4.6, 5.4 & 6.8LSOHC engines. This condition has been reported during cold ambient temperatures less than 10°F (-12°C). The cause of this condition may be a roller finger follower(s) being dislodged from the valve. This may result in damage to the camshaft, roller finger follower, valve, retainer, etc. Apparently, the clearance created in the lifters, at the locations with the valves remaining open when the engine is shut off, is sufficient enough to allow the dislodgement. Thicker oil during cold ambient temperatures may not allow fully pressurized oil to reach all locations during initial engine start-up. Aprocedure is now available to service this condition. ACTION: Inspect and replace any worn or damaged engine valve components and install a new retaining clip and lash adjuster for service. Refer to the following Service Procedure for details. Perform normal engine diagnostic routines before opening valve covers. If the valve train is suspect, remove the valve covers and look for Roller Finger Follower(s) (RFF) that may have become dislodged. Inspect the following parts that may have been damaged by any dislodged roller finger followers: Cam lobes (chipped or grooved) Valve stem tips (mushroomed, metal displaced, or bent) Roller finger followers (chipped or grooved) Inspect valve guide only if its corresponding RFF or valve stem tip is damaged.