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Honda CRF250R TI PRO System Installation Manual


Download REMOVING YOUR STOCK SYSTEM 1. Place the machine on a stable work stand. 2. If you are not familiar with removing the original exhaust refer to the owner’s manual before you start work. 3. Always allow your machine to cool down before attempting to remove the exhaust. 4. Remove the two bolts from the right side panel. Then remove the side panel. 5. Loosen the stock mid-pipe clamp, then remove the stand-off bolt and bracket bolt that supports the muffl er. 6. Remove stock muffl er and clamp from the stock head pipe. 7. Remove the stock head pipe at the cylinder head. NOTE: It may be necessary to use a penetrating lubricant on the fl ange nuts. INSTALLING THE NEW TI PRO SYSTEM 1. Install Ti Pro head pipe onto cylinder head using stock nuts. Leave these loose for now. If collar and fl ange came loose during shipping, reassemble by fi rst putting the fl ange on (fl at side towards engine) then put the collar onto the end of the tube (some gentle tapping w/ mar- proof hammer may be required).Slide the provided aluminum fl ange onto the head pipe. 2. Install springs into holes on fl anges, pull each one to engage on spring clips using enclosed spring puller (Figure 1). 3. Slide mid-pipe onto head pipe. Rotate the mid-pipe slightly to obtain proper alignment with sub-frame mount. 4. Install the OEM bolt through sub-frame into the stand-off mount on mid- pipe (Finger tight). 5. Slide the muffl er onto mid-pipe, align muffl er mount with the stock muffl er mount hole, and install and fi nger tighten the OEM bolt.