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Honda/Acura Transponder Interface: TYPE “C”


Download DATA to DATA PORT (D 2D) : of D2D Cable plugs into the upgradeable vehicle interface module. OPTION A: – D2D Port used to connect to USB Bootloader adaptor & computer to download & flash vehicle interface firmware. OPTION B: – D2D Port used to connect to the data port of a remote control system equipped with ClearCode V ehicle I nterface P rotocol. Remote control systems designed with ClearCode VIP can securely communicate via the D2D cable to transmit & receive data commands which initiate specific vehicle function such as doorlocks & immobilizer override and /or request information from the vehicle such as status of entry points (doors) or ambiant température, diesel glow plug etc… ClearCode VIP represents the doorway to vehicle integration…As an enhanced security feature, this upgradeable vehicle interface module automatically detects when the Vehicle Interface Protocol is present and deactivates the analogue override input wire (brown wire) ensuring that this module can only be activated by an authorized user. Blue connector Legend RCS = Remote Control System N/C = No Connection N/A = Not Applicable W2W= analogue wire to wire D2D= data 2 data (-) /(+) (-) Input Input Input Data I/O STATUS WIRE COLOR Brown Green Blue Violet/ White Violet Pink/ White Pink Orange Red Black (-) (+) SPECIFIC WIRE CONNECTION LOCATION Constant (+) 12 Volt Source Chassis Ground Connect Location Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle ACTIVATION and/or FUNCTIONALITY RCS Power Source Ground Source.