Home Auto Repair 1997 Honda Civic CX pillar pod and 2 gauges Installation

1997 Honda Civic CX pillar pod and 2 gauges Installation


Download As many of us know, bare bones Hondas do not come from the factory with a tachometer, even when the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission. There are a few options you can choose in order to have a tachometer in your Honda. 1. Swap out the instrument cluster with one from an EX model. Advantages : Looks factory, very easy to do. Disadvantages : Gives you one additional gauge only; is very expensive if you can’t find a used one. 2. Install a tachometer that bolts up to the pillar. Advantages: a BIG tach is a possibility; least expensive option Disadvantages: Does not even remotely look factory; using a big tach invites others to try to race you; a bit more difficult to install 3. Install a pillar pod that accommodates one, two, or even three gauges. Advantages: Looks factory; more than one gauge can be added Disadvantages: Involves a whole bunch of wiring – more involved (timewise) than the other two options. Since I chose option number 3, this procedure will be structured around installing a 2-gauge pod. Step 1: Buy the necessary parts and equipment: Here’s what the pod and gauges I selected, look like: Equipment required: Phillips (#2) screwdriver (dash lower cover) Wire strippers Crimp connectors Wire crimpers Soldering iron Solder 22 or 24 gage multi-strand, insulated wire (red, white, and black should be okay) Voltage tester or multimeter Heat shrink tubing and/or electrical tape 1 amp, quick-acting fuse and fuse holder Razor blade or Exacto knife Service manual (if possible) Drill and ….