Home Auto Repair 1994 Ford Pickup F150 Suspension Front (4WD) Coil Spring

1994 Ford Pickup F150 Suspension Front (4WD) Coil Spring


Download 1. Using Torx Bit (T-25), remove 5 bolts from cap assembly. Remove cap assembly. See Fig. 5 . DO NOT drop spring, ball bearing, bearing race or spring retainer. 2. Remove rubber sealing ring and seal bridge retainer. Remove retainer ring by closing ends with needle nose pliers while pulling hub lock from wheel hub. 3. If wheel hub and spindle are to be removed, remove ā€œCā€ washer from stub shaft groove. Remove splined spacer from axle shaft. Remove wheel bearing lock nuts and lock washer. Installation 1. Install splined spacer and ā€œCā€ washer on axle shaft. See Fig. 5 . Remove excessive grease from hub lock and splines. Align all splines, and install body assembly into wheel. Ensure large tangs line up with wheel bearing lock washer cutouts. Install lock ring. 2. Install seal bridge retainer with narrow end first. Install rubber sealing ring over hub lock. Install cap assembly, ensuring ball bearing, spring, race and retainer are in place. Tighten cap assembly bolts to 40- 50 INCH lbs. (4.5-5.6 N.m) as follows: tighten one, skip one, tighten one, etc. Removal (Explorer & Ranger) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove retainer washers from lug nut studs and remove automatic locking hub assembly from spindle. See Fig. 6 . Remove snap ring from end of spindle shaft. Remove axle shaft spacer. Being careful not to damage plastic moving cam or thrust spacers, pull cam assembly off wheel bearing adjusting nut, and remove 2 plastic thrust spacers from adjusting nut. 2. Using a magnet, remove locking key.