Home Auto Repair 2000-2004 Ford Focus 2.0L Installation Instructions

2000-2004 Ford Focus 2.0L Installation Instructions


Download 1. DISCONNECT NEGATIVE (-) BATTERY CABLE. 2. Loosen the 2 hose clamps on the intake tube and remove the tube. 3. Using a ½” socket, remove the four (4) torx head screws that retain the throttle body to the intake manifold. These screws will turn with some resistance until completely removed do to the plastic manifold they screw into. Note: Do not disconnect the linkage to the throttle body. 4. Lift and move the throttle body with linkage to the right and out of the way. The throttle cables will remain attached. 5. Clean sealing surface of throttle body and intake manifold being careful not to damage factory o-ring seal. 6. Place the supplied gasket on the manifold and align the holes to the manifold. 7. Optional: Included in the hardware pack is one 3/16″ vacuum line fitting; this may be used for a vacuum gauge. If power ports are utilized, install necessary fittings before installing spacer on vehicle. Other 1/16″ NPT fittings may be installed such as power adders. 8. Place the Power Port Spacer on the gasket and be certain all holes are in alignment. (Note: gasket and spacer must be placed in correct orientation to line up with factory bolt holes.) 9. Position the throttle body on the Power Port Spacer and insert the four (4) supplied bolts and washers. Tighten bolts being careful to not damage the plastic threads in the intake manifold (do not over tighten the bolts). 10. Mount and reconnect the air intake tube removed in step (2). Tighten hose clamps.