Home Auto Repair Honda Civic LX/DX AEM Intake System Installation Instructions

Honda Civic LX/DX AEM Intake System Installation Instructions


Download Installation of AEM® intake system. a. When installing the intake system, do not completely tighten the hose clamps or mounting hardware until instructed to do so. b. Remove the transmission mount bracket nut closest to the front of the car. Install the supplied transmission bracket over the stud and replace the nut. Refer to the picture for correct orientation. Torque the transmission mount bracket nut to 54 N-m (5.5 kgf-m, 40 lbf-ft). (Fig. 9) c. Install the 2.50″ x 2″ hose on to the throttle body with two 2.50″ hose clamps. d. Check to see that the inside of the AEM® intake pipes and air filter are clean and free from any foreign objects and/or obstructions. e. Place the primary intake pipe into the hose on the throttle body. The throttle body end is the end with the IAT sensor hole and breather hose nipple. f. Thread supplied washer and bolt through the intake pipe mounting tab into the factory intake resonator mounting bracket. Do not tighten. (Fig. 10) g. Install the supplied 2.50″ to 2.75″ reducer hose onto the primary intake pipe with a 2.50″ hose clamp. h. Install the supplied grommet into the IAT sensor hole in the AEM® primary intake pipe. Install the IAT sensor into the grommet and plug in the IAT sensor connector. (Fig. 11) i. Install the supplied 5/8″ breather hose from the nipple on the AEM® primary intake pipe to the nipple on the valve cover. Use the supplied 1″ hose clamp on the AEM® intake pipe nipple and the original hose clamp on the valve cover nipple.