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Ford Explorer & Expedition Ms100-05 Compact Speaker


Download Before Installation Qualifications •To properly install an electronic siren: you must have a good understanding of automotive electrical procedures and systems, along with proficiency in the installation and service of safety warning equipment. Always refer to the vehicle’s service manuals when performing equipment installations on a vehicle. Sound Hazards •Your hearing and the hearing of others, in or close to your emergency vehicle, could be damaged by loud sounds. This can occur from short exposures to very loud sounds, or from longer exposures to moderately loud sounds. For hearing conservation guidance, refer to federal, state, or local recommendations. OSHA Standard 1910.95 offers guidance on “Permissible Noise Exposure.” •All effective sirens and horns produce loud sounds (120 dB) that may cause permanent hearing loss. Always minimize your exposure to siren sound and wear hearing protection. Do not sound the siren indoors or in enclosed areas where you and others will be exposed to the sound. •Federal Signal siren amplifiers and speakers are designed to work together as a system. Combining a siren and speaker from different manufacturers may reduce the warning effectiveness of the siren system and may damage the components. You should verify or test your combination to make sure the system works together properly and meets federal, state and local standards or guidelines.