Home Auto Repair 5.0L FORD POWER PACK Installation Instructions

5.0L FORD POWER PACK Installation Instructions


Download ADDITIONAL PARTS REQUIRED: • EGR Spacer to Intake Gasket (Ford #M9464-A50) • Permatex Ultrablue Sealer • Throttle Body to EGR Spacer (Ford #M9933-A50 or Equivalent) • Anti-Seize Compound • Intake Manifold Gaskets (Felpro Gasket, #1250 Or Equivalent) • Oil and Oil Filter • Water Outlet Gasket (Felpro Gasket, #35440 Or Equivalent) • Antifreeze • Thermostat NOTE: Part numbers 98-200 and 201 DO NOT include a throttle body and EGR spacer. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain this hardware. Either stock or 65-70 mm units are recommended. REMOVAL OF ENGINE ACCESSORIES: 1 – Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Secure cable to prevent accidental grounding. See Figure 1. Figure 1 Figure 2 2 – Drain the coolant from the radiator. Then remove the block drain plug to drain the coolant from the block. 3 – Disconnect and remove the mass air flow sensor and duct work. See Figure 2. 4 – Using the spring lock coupler disconnect tools, disconnect the fuel lines. See Figure 3. The fuel pressure must be released prior to disconnecting the fuel lines or hoses. Remove the shrader valve cap from the fuel pressure port. Attach a fuel pressure gauge to the shrader valve. Release the fuel pressure through the gauge and into a clean metal container. 5 – Carefully mark all linkages and cables and remove. 6 – Carefully mark and disconnect the vacuum hoses connected to the upper and lower manifolds.