Home Auto Repair 2008 Ford E250 – E350 SA315 Siren Speaker Bracket

2008 Ford E250 – E350 SA315 Siren Speaker Bracket


Download 2008 Ford E250 – E350 SA315 Siren Speaker Bracket Installation: 1. Following manufacturers instructions remove the front grill from the vehicle (Fig. 1). 2. The speaker will mount behind the grill in the area indicated (Fig. 2). Remove the 2 existing bolts from the vehicle (Fig. 3) that you will use to mount the bracket. 3. Mount the bracket to the siren speaker (Fig. 4). 4. Mount the bracket (with speaker) to the vehicle using the hardware shown (see drain hole information). 5. Extend the BLACK (-) negative and WHITE (+) positive speaker wires to your siren amplifier and connect as described in the instructions that come with the siren amplifier. 6. Replace the vehicle grill then test the siren speaker and the speaker installation is complete. IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the installation technician to make sure that the installation and operation of this product will not interfere with or compromise the operation or efficiency of any vehicle equipment! IMPORTANT! Before returning the vehicle to active service, confirm the proper operation of this product, as well as all vehicle components/equipment.